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the last world cup of the 20th century

The last World Cup of the 20th century were perfectly held in France in June and July 1998. This was the first time in the World Cup history that 32 nations teams took part in the finals. And this was also the first time after so many years France proved that they could (câu 30) _______ Brazilian giants in the final match organized on July 13th in Paris. Although Brazil was the team with most superstars. France almost seized the (câu 31) _______ of the game. Ronaldo could not do anything to (câu 32) _______ French strikers and midfielders from scoring goals. Zidane (câu 33) _______ two goals in the 27th and 46th minutes and Emmanuel Petit scored the third goal for France in the last moment of the match when Brazilian giants were completely (câu 34) _______ . This was the first time France became the World Cup winners.

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Điền đáp án vào Câu 30

  • Đáp án đúng A. beat
  • Đáp án B. oppose
  • Đáp án C. compete
  • Đáp án D. struggle

Điền đáp án vào Câu 31

  • Đáp án A. support
  • Đáp án B. protection
  • Đáp án đúng C. control
  • Đáp án D. organization

Điền đáp án vào Câu 32

  • Đáp án A. avoid
  • Đáp án B. win
  • Đáp án C. beat
  • Đáp án đúng D. prevent

Điền đáp án vào Câu 33

  • Đáp án A. made
  • Đáp án đúng B. scored
  • Đáp án C. kept
  • Đáp án D. won

Điền đáp án vào Câu 34

  • Đáp án A. dissatisfied
  • Đáp án B. furious
  • Đáp án đúng C. hopeless
  • Đáp án D. frightened

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